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Brenda Burkett receiving the 2015 SBO Award2015 School Business Official of the Year
Ms. Brenda Burkett

Brenda Burkett, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer for Norman Public Schools, and has been in education for over 22 years. Brenda has been President of Oklahoma ASBO, is one of OKASBO’s Certified School Business Administrators, and currently serves as Vice President of ASBO International.  

She participated in the ASBO Economic Crisis Summit, and served on the educational panel with U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education at the 2009 Annual meeting. 

Brenda received the Pinnacle of Achievement Award in 2008 and was awarded the SFO certification in 2010. She currently serves as Chairperson on the Professional Development Committee. She is a presenter at the annual meeting “SFO Skills Refresher” seminar and presented for the webinar “Advancing Your Career with SFO certification.

There are many aspects of a school district that impact student success and opportunity.  None are more important than the financial stability of the school system.  Quality financial leadership is the key to being able to provide a stable, consistent instructional environment to serve students and families.  Brenda Burkett provides this leadership to Norman Public Schools.  Her commitment and skills have enabled our district to provide and expand learning opportunities and services to students even during a challenging financial climate.

While Brenda brings her knowledge of school finance to her position, her greatest strength is in her ability to keep her focus on student needs as we discuss priorities in the budget.
It is an easy task to make the numbers work.  It is a greater challenge to determine how limited resources can best serve students.  It is that skill that separates Brenda from others in her  position.

Most importantly, as a Superintendent I know that a key to the success of a school district is to create an environment of public trust.  No other aspect of the district will destroy public trust than finances.  Through Brenda’s work, we have been able to sustain that trust with our Board of Education, staff, and community.  Our students benefit every day because of Brenda’s skills.

Her staff  writes..
Many people say “I have a great boss” or “My boss is the best”, but when you try to pin them down as to why they are a great boss, you usually get a response like, “she/he’s fun”, she/he’s supportive”.

Brenda Burkett is all of those things, but what makes Brenda a really great boss is that she allows us to be the best we can be,  She shows her trust in us by simply allowing us to do the job we were hired to do; which in turn gives us confidence in ourselves.

  •    Brenda advocates growth through learning.  
  •    Brenda mentors by sharing her knowledge with others.
  •    Brenda encourages creative thinking.

Finally, Brenda furthers the cause of school business officials by becoming involved in the institutions which promote education and legislation.  Her efforts have allowed her to affect real change in the finance and school business
officials profession.

Previous Winners

2014 - Mr. Karl White, CFO, Enid Public Schools

Read the whole story on page 9 of the May 2014 issue of OKASBO News

2013 - Mr. David Fraser, Ms. Lori Smith

Read the whole story on page 9 of the May 2013 issue of OKASBO News

2012 - Ms. Beth Buchanan

Ms. Buchanan currently serves as CFO at Meridian Technology Center and has served as an integral part of the management team since 1997.  Beth is an excellent representative of school business administration who believes that financial responsibility is truly an essential part of any school district’s success

Read the whole story on page 13 of the May, 2012 issue of OKASBO News.

2011 - Tim Green, Executive Director of Financial Services, Bartlesville Public Schools

Tim represents all that is good about the school business profession. He is a willing presenter at Oklahoma ASBO and for the Oklahoma Center for School Business Management that Oklahoma ASBO sponsors. He has served as Business Manager for several school districts and is always willing to assist, teach or help other business officials.

Read the whole story on page 6 of the May 2011 issue of OKASBO News.

2010 - Dr. Pam Deering, Assistant Superintendent of Fiscal Services, Mid Del Schools

Deering has been a tireless advocate for Oklahoma ASBO and has participated in all levels of leadership within the organization, including serving as President during the years of 1993-94. Additionally, she served as a member of ASBO International Board of Directors from 1995 - 1997 and as president in 2000. Her presidency was memorable as she waded through the difficulties of ASBO Int’l, always sharing her credit with Oklahoma ASBO and its membership.

Read the whole story on page 7 of the May 2010 issue of OkASBO News.

2009 - Cindy Shiever, Administrative Assistant, Crescent Schools

Ms. Shiever was a student at the Hutchison Community College, Hutchison, Kansas, has completed the 3-year program at the Oklahoma Center for School Business Management and many Fourth Year annual programs. She has also completed the OCSBM Payroll Workshop and the Encumbrance Workshop. In addition to many other workshops, she has completed Fred Pryor Seminars on Management Skills.

Please join me in congratulating Cindy on being this year's SBO winner. Read the whole story on page 7 of the May 2009 issue of OkASBO News.

2008 - Nancy McKay, Chief Financial Officer,  Jenks Schools 

Nancy is currently serving as Vice President of Oklahoma ASBO at this time and she has been a tireless worker for ASBO for many years.Read the whole story on page 7 of the May 2008 issue of OkASBO News.

2007 Ann Wade, Executive Director of Finance and Treasurer, Poteau Schools

Ann was chosen by the Oklahoma ASBO Board of Directors to be recognized as the “School Business Official of the Year” for Oklahoma ASBO in 2007.

Read the entire story from page 7 of the February 2007 Newsletter.

2006 - Debra Jacoby,  CFO, Union School District

Debra was the unanimous choice of the Professional Development Committee and the Oklahoma ASBO Board of Directors to be recognized as the “School Business Official of the Year” for Oklahoma ASBO in 2006.

Read the entire story from page 7 of the May 2006 Newsletter

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