Conference Registration FAQ

Conference / Workshop Registration FAQ

Q)  I am (or have been) a paid member of Oklahoma ASBO, but I did not receive the email with my login

A)  You can ask the system to email you your login/password right from our homepage, using the "forgot your password" link.  You might also want to check your spam or junk mail folders, although our system takes steps to not appear to be spam we do send out emails a thousand at a time.  You should be able to specify our email address as safe so that future contacts from us are not missed.

Q) "Forgot My Password" cannot locate my email address, but I have been involved with OkASBO in the past. 

A)  Please use the "Membership Correction Form" so we can ensure that we have a correct email address for you before creating a new profile.  Our user profiles are set up to track your activity with Oklahoma ASBO, and extra profiles will create issues down the road with accessing your history such as continuing education.

Q) I am a first time attendee of a Workshop or Conference hosted by Oklahoma ASBO.  How do I log in?

A) Welcome!  This is no problem, when you go to the registration page you should be able to create a profile in our system and proceed right through the registration process.

Q) I am trying to register multiple people, how do I do that?

A) At this time, you will need to have the login information for each person that you are registering.  Register one attendee at a time by first logging in as them (please do not change the name on another persons registration form) and then completing the registration.

Q) My name (or other profile information) is wrong, how do I get that corrected?

A) One of the benefits of this new system is that each user can keep their own login information updated, ensuring we can get information to you in a timely manner.  If you are (or have been) an institutional member in the past, you may not be able to change some information like the school district name.  When we process yearly renewals we will mark any job changes and switch members from one school district membership to another. 

When you are logged into the system, you can also change your username and password to something that is easier for you to remember.  Please take the time to review all of your information, and make corrections if necessary.

Q)  Tell me more about School District memberships?

A)   Each Institutional membership is set up in the system, with one person listed as the primary member.  This person is typically the Superintendent if s/he is a member of OkASBO.  When it is time to renew memberships this coming June, that person will be responsible for changing who is in the membership and who is out, and then paying for the Institutional Membership.  They can also add members throughout the year, or create a code so new members from their school district can also join under the Institutional Membership.  You will learn more about how this process works when it is time to renew memberships.

Q)  I want to register for a workshop or conference, but I am concerned that if I fill out the online form it will sign me up for membership.

A) While we of course would encourage every school business official to become a member of Oklahoma ASBO, simply registering for a workshop or conference does NOT register you for our organization.  You would have to fill out an entirely different form (clearly marked as membership registration) for that to occur, and our workshop registration process is totally seperate from the membership process.  Please don't worry that you will accidentally end up with membership charges. 

However, remember that your OkASBO Membership is an "investment" in your career by connecting you with other School Business Professionals for continuing education, career advancement, peer recognition and peer networking.  Your investment returns are enormous and your financial commitment small! should you decide to join us.

Q) I am paying for the conference via a personal check, and the registration form only gives me an option to pay via P.O.

A) Please simply indicate that you are paying via personal check by typing the words "personal check" (or something similar) in the field where the system asks for the P.O. number.

Q)  You didn't answer my question?

A) We will continue to add to this as new questions arise, in the meantime please use our contact us form and let us know how we can help you.  Thank you for your patience as the organization learns how to best use this new tool!

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