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Treasurer Virtual Workshops

This category is for handouts, PowerPoints, and other documents presented at Treasurer Virtual Workshops.
Accounting Principles - Budgeting
Lori Smith, February 2022
Audit Preparation
Janine Warren and Jacqueline Woodard, October 2020
Decoding State Aid Formula
Jason Johnson, January 2021
Decoding State Aid Formula
Kenda Terrones ref Jason Johnson, January 2022

A new spin on the presentation written and presented by Jason Johnson in 2021

Decoding State Aid Formula
Kenda Terrones, January 2022

Kenda's spreadsheet breaking down the state aid formula

Duties and Calendar of Treasurer
Michelle Chapple with Bruce Campbell, September 2020
End of Year Treasurer Procedures
Michelle Chapple, May 2022
Funding Resources
Brenda Burkett, October 2020
Funding Sources
Channa Byerly, October 2021
Funding Uses - How to Make it Stretch Legally
Carol Fadaiepour, April 2021
Maintaining Good Records
Michelle Chapple, November 2021
Maintaining Good Treasurer Records
Jason Johnson, November 2020
New Year In - Old Year Out
Michelle Chapple, May 2021
New Year In - Old Year Out
Michelle Chapple, May 2021
OCAS and Roles of the Treasurer
Katherine Black, March 2022
One Step Ahead - Accounting Principals
Natalie Eneff, February 2021
Kenda Terrones/Kim Bauer, December 2021
Reporting - Treasurer
Lori Smith presented by Michelle Chapple, December 2020

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