Certification Renewal Process


Maintaining Certification

To remain certified, a school business person must accumulate professional credits and every three years, submit a completed renewal form to the OkASBO office. The form, vailable from the OkASBO office, will demonstrate the accumulation of required points through participation in various professional development activities and leadership roles. It is the candidate's responsibility to acquire the forms and maintain documentation of participation in the various professional development activities. The candidate should accordingly maintain appropriate records of attendance at these activities.

Certification Renewal

The continuing education of school business officials is essential to enable schools to cope with rapidly changing conditions. To ensure the highest level of professionalism at all levels of school business management, the Professional Certification Program of OkASBO requires recertification every three years. Mandating recertification ensures that registrants maintain their expertise in the field by participating in continuing education and professional development activities. Maintaining the SBA, SBO or SBS designation requires the participant to make a concerted effort to continually improve their professional expertise.

Renewal Dates

The renewal date is on the third July 1st following the date appearing on the certificate attesting to certification. After initial certification you must continue to renew at three-year intervals (with the renewal reporting form due by June 1st preceding the certification renewal date). Professional credits for certification can be accumulated anytime from the date appearing on the certificate to June 30th immediately preceding the next renewal date.

A fee of $50.00 is charged for each three-year renewal period.

Acceptable Points for Renewal Credit

Renewal candidates must have accumulated the appropriate number of points for their certification level.  The requirements are:

Certified School Business Specialist (CSBS) - 20

Certified School Business Official (CSBO) - 25

Certified School Business Administrator (CSBA) - 30

*New Feature - future OkASBO professional activity will be tracked automatically for you on the OkASBO website.  You can download and print a certificate which outlines your current points towards certification renewal to support your application from your profile page.  We suggest you continue to maintain personal records of your renewal points, as the renewal candidate ultimately retains responsibility to maintain documentation of activities.


  • Attendance at OkASBO Fall or Spring Conference  3
  • Attendance at ASBOI or other State Annual Conference 2
  • Attendance at approved Professional Development Program 2  
  • Attendance at Oklahoma Center for School Business Mgt training 2
  • Service as OkASBO or ASBOI Board of Director 4 
  • Service as OkASBO or ASBOI Committee Chair 2   
  • Service as OkASBO or ASBOI Committee Member 1   
  • Presenter at OkASBO, ASBOI or other approved Program  2  
  • Publication of article in OkASBO News 1   
  • Publication of article in School Business Affairs 2   
  • Publication of Other Relevant Item  1   
  • Completion of approved School Finance College Course  2



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