Benefits of Membership

There are two basic levels of membership in the Oklahoma Association of School Business Officials.  All members must adhere to the OKASBO code of ethics.

For School District Employees For Business/Corporate
Institutional Membership Individual Membership Associate Membership

This is our most popular membership type for school district employees.  It is a group membership, once a school district has been enabled employees will enjoy discounted rates for membership and state conference attendance.

Benefits and Fees
Membership Application

This is an individual membership, individuals pay full price for membership and conferences, however the membership follows the employee in the case of a job transfer. 

Benefits and Fees
Membership Application

Any Business or individual interested in networking with school business managers, gaining access to membership lists, and/or receiving newsletters or publications may join. 

Benefits and Fees
Associate Member Application

Additionally, School District Members can earn one of two distinguished membership levels:

  • Emeritus Members - an individual who was an active member at the time of retirement and is not employed in any area of school management or related endeavors can apply for Emeritus membership.  Yearly membership fee is $10, and members pay additional fees to attend conferences.
  • Honorary Members - those who have distinguished themselves in public or professional service, can be elected as honorary members by the Board of Directors.

School District Member Benefits

School District Employees are provided several benefits through membership in OKASBO.

ASBO Professional development and networking

Oklahoma ASBO provides programs and services to promote the highest standards for school business managers through professional development, recognition and effective management of available resources.

Members can attend annual conferences (for Institutional Memberships, the conferences are fee is discounted), experiencing direct professional development sessions targeted at improving member job effectiveness, earning credits towards certification, as well as providing numerous opportunities to network with peers from across the state. 

Encumbrance Clerk/Treasurer Pre-Conference training can be used to meet the legal requirements of compliance for Encumbrance Clerks and Treasurers, the continuing education requirements for encumbrance Clerks and Treasurers or to simply gain additional knowledge to perform your school job more effectively.

Professional Certification - Oklahoma ASBO members may earn certifications for Certified School Business Specialist (CSBS), Certified School Business Official (CSBO), or Certified School Business Administrator (CSBA), further developing the professionalism of the position of school business official through the establishment of high standards of education, experience, ethics, and performance.

Information to be successful
The association provides the latest information concerning legislative issues in Oklahoma, the ever-changing world of school business management and a reliable listing of companies providing products and services to schools.

Publications: Members receive the OKASBO newsletter and eNews blasts.

Membership Directory: Access to a list of current members and more than 100 reputable companies' products and services for schools

Help when needed most
Whether unemployed or a student needing help to pay for classes — help is here every step of the way.

Employment Opportunities: Online listing of current job vacancies for school business managers, superintendents and central office support staff

Grants - Members can apply for valuable grants and scholarships to attend ASBO International Conferences.

Student scholarships: Scholarship opportunities for college-bound high school seniors


Institutional Members:

First Member from a School District - $225

Additional Members - $150

Attend two state meetings a year for a discounted fee.

Membership stays with the school district

Individual Members:

All memberships $75

A registration fee of $150 will be collected for each meeting attended

Membership follows the individual in the case of a job change

Emeritus Members:

All memberships $10

To attend meetings, a registration fee of $25 will be charged

Associate Member Benefits

Businesses and Corporations benefit by membership in OKASBO in the following ways:

Obtain and maintain clientele
In the Spring and Fall, Annual Conferences provide the opportunity to exhibit your company's products and services to hundreds of school business officials.

Information to be successful
Providing a direct link for schools and companies to foster business endeavors. Educating company representatives about current school business management procedures and policies enhance an awareness of the way schools conduct business.

Maximizing opportunities
Information, resources and advantages for a successful partnership.

Membership Directory: Access to association "Associate" member directory, and at certain sponsorship levels access the school district member directory. All associate members will receive a listing of their name and company’s services in the directory.

Advertising opportunities: Marketing display spaces available in the OKASBO Quarterly. Or, become a partner or sponsor and have your company website linked directly from the OKASBO page.

Be a presenter: Spread your knowledge by presenting at one of our annual conferences

Write informative articles: Enlighten colleagues with research

Representation: Participate in OKASBO committees to help bring issues and ideas to the association.


Associate Members

First Member from a business or corporation - $225

Additional Members - $150

Attend two state meetings a year for a booth rental fee.

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